I am in a remembering mood right now and had to think back to my first escort date. A long time ago. I even found some old photos.

Let me tell you the story of my very first date…

Summer 2010, in the middle of the football world cup.
I had been in an agency for almost a week and I had no idea that I would have to get down to business so quickly.
My new vocation didn’t start with a short easy-going dinner in Cologne, fun-in-the-room-and-after-four-hours-back-home-date, no, directly the full program – 24 hours, train to the south of Germany, foot fetishist with exact wishes and then the somewhat vague question before „Can she drive? I have a car that I want to drive, I don’t have a license myself.“
I like adventure and challenges (and driving cars!), so of course I accepted.

I still smile inside myself when I think of the young, naive Alice who stood excitedly on the train and really had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Arriving in the south, I was welcomed by a very charming gentleman, who led me directly to the underground car park, because we wanted to drive on to Frankfurt immediately, as the rest of the evening was planned there. Looking at the car I was really relieved that I can actually drive very well, because in front of me was no normal BMWMercedesAudi, no I was standing in front of a Cadillac Fleetwood 75th, which was more than five meters long.
I have to admit, the car alone turned me on, driving it even more, good that I could take it all out on the car owner…

An hour later I arrived in the first suite of my life, so big that I thought I would get lost. And there were little chocolate gifts everywhere (ok, probably there were only two, one in each room, but in my memory it was the land of plenty). So this was the unknown world of luxury hotels. That I would soon feel as good and safe as a fish in water in these surroundings, I begin to suspect at that moment.

We still had some time before we had to leave for dinner and so I lost my escort virginity in the afternoon on a big bed in Frankfurt with a lover I couldn’t have wished for better on this occasion. It was so much fun that we almost didn’t get off on time… (A problem which I still encounter again and again today. I just love being in bed with men).

Dinner was at Kabuki, a restaurant which I often visited later and here I ate with chopsticks for the first time. I didn’t want to be too bold to ask for cutlery and preferred to have it explained to me how it works. I am an escort who is willing and able to learn *gg*
Through the dark streets of Frankfurt, we went to the casino in our insanely great car near Bad Homburg. Another premiere, what an evening!
As meticulous as my memory was up to here, from now on everything becomes a little blurred. I played a lot of roulette, let him watch me in my shoes and when it was time to leave, I waved the car keys and ordered my gentleman back to the hotel, where we played until dawn.


Since this evening I have a special place in my heart for men who desire beautiful little women’s feet. I hardly knew what was happening to me and what sensations I could trigger when I was simply admired.
I am just getting into a frenzy again!

Since that day I have been addicted to this wonderful mission. What I have not experienced and seen since those 24 hours in Frankfurt! These wonderful adventures are so deep in my heart and I thirst for more and more.

I breathe a thank you into the world.

Do you still remember your first escort date? Or are you still feverish about it?
Feel free to leave me a comment.

Kiss-kiss Alice

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