I have been to Strasbourg! And it was beautiful!

This city full of history, beautiful houses and delicious restaurants exceeded my expectations and I was certainly not the last time I visited it. The reason for this is probably the beautiful hotel I stayed in, the „Cour du Corbeau“, which I want to tell you something about.

This hotel from the 16th century has already had an eventful history, always intended as a hostel, Voltaire, Friedrich the Great (incognito) and other interesting historical personalities stayed here.

In 2007 the hotel was carefully restored, the rooms and suites are very airy and large. Dark wooden floor, light walls, white-violet Louis XVI furniture, bathroom and toilet separated. The bed has a continuous mattress and was really very comfortable! Small drawback – if you want to have feather pillows, you have to ask for them at the reception.

The staff is very friendly, courteous and extremely helpful. In the meantime, I shortly suspected that people thought I was a hotel tester, because I was so pampered
The elevator is directly behind the reception and can be used without a key card. As the staff is very attentive, it is best to meet outside.

In the first evening I tried the room service, there, one can choose from a small card, half of the dishes are only available until 11 p.m., as they come from a nearby restaurant, the other half from the hotel kitchen can be ordered around the clock.
The food of the restaurant was excellent, unfortunately, the noodles of the hotel disappointed me a little.
The breakfast again was really good, French croissants are only this delicious in France *g*.

My big criticism of the house is the clairaudience. On the one hand, my room was located right above a small alley and despite of the double glazing, one could hear the guests of the restaurant. On the other hand, I could watch without any problems how another room guest in the evening and the chambermaid in the morning jokingly moved the furniture…

escort strasbourgA short note about the location: the hotel is located at the south of the oldtown, at one minute distance from the L’Ill, to the cathedral it takes five minutes.
By car it is a little complicated to find the hotel if you don’t know where to go. The Rue des Couples is a small alleyway that is closed by a bollard. The trick is: stop in front of it, press the bell at the bottom left (obviously designed for small dogs, a person has to bend down very far), reception announces itself and lets the bollard go down. At the end of the alley is the hotel.
The car is gladly parked in the nearby multi-storey car park, one does not have to take care of anything oneself. If I had known that, I would have cleaned up my car…
I was pleased about the little giveaway at my departure in form of a bottle of water and a snack on my passenger seat.

I’m sure I’ll be coming back to Strasbourg often and then again and again to the Cour du Corbeau. The courteous staff and the very nice house make it easy to overlook the little flaws.

After I stayed one night longer than planned in Strasbourg, I went to the obligatory bulk shopping in the Carrefour (Friands! Danette! More Friands! Cookies! Chips!), without which I can’t return to Germany. I have a funny but very strong passion for French (and also Dutch) supermarkets.


speyer escortThe way back from Strasbourg to Cologne led me along motorways which I haven’t driven often and which I don’t often get along. I took advantage of the opportunity and drove out of Speyer to have a look at the cathedral. That was a great idea, I have rarely had such a historic orgasm as I did there. Some buildings radiate such power and significance, even I get speechless.
Unfortunately, it was too late for a second side trip to Worms, we will make up for that another time.

My little weekend trip was completely worth it, I should get out of the Rhineland more often!

KissKiss Alice

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