„Come as you like“

This sentence, as nice as it is meant, always puts me in a huge dilemma – I do not own any clothes in which I do not feel comfortable.
My 3 meter wardrobe is filled with casual outfits, with jeans and sweaters, cocktail dresses (MANY cocktail dresses), with the big show and the decent business style, with miniskirts and NSFW-jumpsuits.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort for me to fulfil your wish for your dream outfit. But it is not absolutely necessary that you give me an exact idea – I have a good feeling for style and occasions. It is also enough for me if you tell me briefly where we are going and what you might be wearing, so we fit together and nobody is over- or underdressed ?

By the way, don’t worry about stepping on my feet when you give me concrete ideas – I think it’s great and I enjoy it. If I don’t like or like it (leggings and I will never become friends), I will tell you.

xx Alice

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