Out of Cologne and then onto the schääl Sick, on the wrong side of the Rhine? This plan sends a shiver down the spine of every real Cologne resident. Fortunately I’ve only moved to Cologne and since my birth I’m very familiar with the eastern side of the Rhine (the most beautiful city on the Rhine is still Duesseldorf), so I have no problem with it.
Duesseldorf was not the destination of my last hotel discovery trip, but Bensberg was. World famous part of the metropolis Bergisch Gladbach. As you can imagine, it is quite far away from the cathedral, at the beginning of the Bergisch Land.

Despite all adversities I steer my car there again and again, because there is a wonderful hotel there, which enchants and inspires me, seduces and pampers me – the Hotel Schloss Bensberg (hotel website).
Elector Jan Wellem commissioned the building at the beginning of the 18th century, taking Versailles and Winchester Castle as models for the hunting lodge. However, the castle was never used as intended, because Jan Wellem died in 1716 and his widow, a born Medici for whom the building was intended, returned to her family in Italy.
Until the Grand Hotel opened in 2000, the complex had a turbulent history as a cadet’s house, asylum seekers‘ home and educational institution, among other things.

The rooms and suites impress with their classical style and are generously furnished with mostly baroque furniture. When the weather is fine, I particularly enjoy the view over the gardens, down the first hills of the Bergisches Land to the Cologne Cathedral.

Culinary you can be spoiled perfectly. Either the three Michelin star restaurant „Vendôme“ invites you on a foray through the gourmet kitchen or you can sit down in the Trattoria Enoteca on a country estate in Italy and enjoy the excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

schlosshotel bensberg kaminbarA cocktail in the fireplace bar is a must in any case!
Heavy leather armchairs, a crackling fire and great drinks make you forget the time.
Unfortunately, the law for the protection of non-smokers has also affected Bensberg Castle – cigars must now unfortunately be enjoyed on the terrace. (I’m a non-smoker, but in the Kaminbar I liked to enjoy a light cigar in the evening 😉 )

If you have more time, you should definitely try the spa! The facility is really nice, I enjoyed the treatments. Repetition guaranteed!
Afterwards I recommend a walk through the garden and last but not least a coffee with a cupcake in the café at the lobby *hmmmm*.

See you soon at Hotel Schloss Bensberg!
Kiss-kiss Alice

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