What about music in an escort date?
That’s a big question!
I must say that I always appreciate, at least for longer bookings, the possibility to turn on music.
Actually I always have some nice CDs or my Ipod with me, so I can create a special atmosphere.
Of course you can have damn good sex without tonal support and in the decisive moments that’s really the last thing I pay attention to, but sometimes it’s nice if you don’t sit next to each other in complete silence.

Often a conversation about musical preferences breaks the ice, takes away the nervousness. You have a direct topic of conversation. You can talk about what you like, what you don’t like and why you think THIS band is so great (or why some things are even cruel *gg*).

I fondly remember a date, where we first put the bathroom under water under the sound of Prince and his „Kiss“ and afterwards we lay on the carpet, hot and only half dried, to „November Rain“ by Guns ’n Roses and enjoyed ourselves…
Every time I listen to these songs now, I have to think back to the wild hours in the suite and I always get a little bit red *g*

But how do others see it? Escort date music yes or no?
And which one?


PS: Nine minutes in which you can make me melt:



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