You shouldn't travel alone - take an escort with you!

Do you dream of breaking out for a weekend or longer? Just off to the beach or away in the mountains?Yes? Got you!
Aren't these really nice thoughts? Dreaming of sand between your toes, sundowns with a sparkling wine in your hand, the withering of the palms...
My desire to travel far far away is growing bigger...
In all those thoughts is a white space at my side. Could it be that this spot belongs to you?

Holidays are better if you are not alone. Travelling together, sharing adventures and pleasures is so exciting. When travelling alone you may tell all your friends afterwards - but sharing the moment while it's happening maximums the joy, don't you think?

If you are looking for a travel companion, if you want to have a hot holiday flirt, just want to relax and beeing spoiled - let's start planning our next trip!

Wellness - city trips - culture

What are you looking for? We find relaxation far away from busy cities in a nice and cozy wellness hotel. Just off to the mountains, admire the view on the snowy alps and calm down. Smelling the freshly cutted hay and the wild flowers and holding the breath for a moment or two. Sometimes is not talking like magic.

I can imagine a lot of different activities - long walks through the nature on rocky paths with intimate stopps., a round on the golf course mastering the holes together, visiting  some vineyards and trying all the things you can get there...

Besides wellness and relaxiation there a a lot of differnet things I realy like.
I have a passion for short and intense city trips packed with museums, culture and fantastic clubs. and bars and restaurants. Living life to the fullest!

Beeing a travel companion is the icing on the escort cake. So intense and tempting.
Nowhere else can you spend your time together this easy going and relaxed. Only the two of us in our own universe. No one forces us to get out of our bed when breakfast is just to good or leaves us alone in the night.

We should definitely leave as soon as possible, don't you think?

Travel companion escort