Life in Düsseldorf is fantastic at the moment – new hotels and restaurants are opening up everywhere and I can’t keep up with trying things out!
Especially the new Andreasquartier in the old town is a test task for two weeks, so many restaurants can be found there.
Especially the 20° Restobar stole my heart, as here, Spanish tapas and fine dining are combined on a very high level!
Even before the opening, I followed the restaurant on Instagram and got more and more in the mood for a visit – great interior, great location and the first glimpses of the food gave me quite an appetite. I was all the more excited when I went there for the first time in real life – and even more excited because I didn’t go alone, but with a gentleman who relied completely on me and my recommendation.

Fantastic tapas in great surroundings

Both service and food were first class. We ate once through the tapas card and partly blindly trusted the waiter, a good idea, as he was absolutely right either with the wine as also with the ham croquettes (in any case try it!).
The little appetizers were actually all known by their names, but the enchanting cuisine of 20° managed to give each plate its own twist.
Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to study the dessert menu extensively afterwards and, quite untypical for me, I even gave away some of my Crema Catalana (…I confess – I also wanted to try some of the dessert of my counterpart, it looked soooo delicious!)

The bar invites you to stay

The evening ends with quite a cocktail party at the bar – a practical combination, you can stay in the same shop the whole evening and be happy all around.

Greetings to the poor taxi driver, who probably had the most amusing ride of his life when he brought us to the hotel *gg*.

xx Alice

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